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Dance“Dance is the best exercise. Let’s do it!”

Your School Name believes that extra-curricular activities are equally important for children as study. So, to achieve the same we have included dance as one of the activity for their children. We strongly believe that dance has a wide range of physical & mental benefits as it’s not only improves condition of the heart and lungs but also increase the muscular strength. Basically dance is a fun source of exercise which helps one in living a healthy and better life. Also, learning a dance routine promotes the importance of teamwork and develops the ability to work successfully in a group environment. The process also helps a child to learn patience, listening and leadership skills as they start to help each other with learning and practicing the steps.


“Music is the universal & hidden language of mankind. Let’s explore it!”

Your School Name is known to focus on overall development of their children and always tries to find ways to achieve the same. So, for the same reason we conduct music classes in our school with the aim of mental & physical growth of our children. As we all know, Music is a language and children are oriented toward learning language. This school introduces the students to the wonderful world of music in its own unique way and, at the same time, it helps them to unwind from the daily routine of studies and exams. It gives them a unique opportunity to learn Indian Classical, Western Classical, Vocal and Instrumental Music along with Dance right from the basics and gradually progressing to mastering their talents. An array of musical instruments, such as the guitar, harmonium and synthesizer is available at the school.

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